Who am I, and why should you care?

Hey everyone, My name is Nancy and being as old as dirt I have lots to talk about.  I initially wanted to start a travel blog as I am in the midst of renovating my RV. (Gertrude or Big Gerdie for short) I will be traveling with my two best friends, Bijou and Tucker. Yup you guessed it they are my dogs. My daughter Jayde will also tag along from time to time.

So I was gainfully employed and had purchased Gerdie (1987 34 foot Class A motor home) to retire in and travel full time. I figured that was a ways off so I still had lots of time for renovations etc. Well, as life does seem to throw us curve balls from time to time I got one thrown my way in April. I had mentioned to my supervisor at work that I was heading for hip surgery in the next few months and found myself unemployed shortly after.  I was fired without cause and yes, it seems that it is perfectly legal to fire someone using the term without cause.

I spent much of the next few months struggling emotionally and even put off my surgery. How does one find a new job and say by the way I will be off for months soon.  I did lots of soul searching and decided that between my health issues and surgery it was time for me to get to work on not only fixing up Big Gerdie but fixing myself too.  Maybe instead of being depressed, I should be inspired, but how?

Research, soul searching and lots of learning.  I have started eating better, exercising, meditating and renovating Gerdie on a tight budget. Instead of having everything I need when I hit the road I will be adding and fixing as I go. I had put all my savings into purchasing Gerdie so had nothing to fall back on.  What will I do for money? Where will I go? How will I manage? What personal discoveries have I made?

Well, that is what this blog is going to be about. It is no longer a travel blog but a blog about the life of an average 56 year old woman, her dogs and her discoveries and passions as she rediscovers life as a gypsy soul.  I would love to have anyone interested join me on the journey I call life.

Big Gerdie
Let the journey begin.

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