New Adventure and Lessons Learned


Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting over the last 2 weeks but I needed the time to work on this latest shock in my life.

As I mentioned in my first post I had decided to work really hard on health and self discovery.  I was going along on my merry way and enjoying making some great changes for myself and my life. One of those changes was to get off all the dam pain medications the doctor had me on and try and learn how to manage my pain naturally.  Some of the medications were easy to get rid of but when I tried to go off Cymbalta I had really bad side affects.  It took me 5 months to get off of the stuff and was still suffering from some side effects.

Finally I decided to go to the doctor and see how long this was expected to last and get some blood work done to see where I was at. So, after being off Cymbalta for a month I seem to have developed type 2 Diabetes unexpectedly. My blood work 5 months previous showed that the my sugar levels were on the low normal scale. The only thing I changed was going off the medication. So it seems that Cymbalta can make you Diabetic when you stop using it. Would have been nice to know this before going on the nasty drug.

So I spend all these last 6 months changing my diet to eat healthier and get off medication only to have to go on new medication for Diabetes. Needless to say I was in shock.  I have spent the last 2 weeks researching Diabetes and what I should and shouldn’t eat. There is no clear answer to this but I started experimenting with my diet some more. I switched to a low carb diet and marked down everything I have been eating.  Now after 2 weeks my glucose levels are in the normal range with the medication. In fact after dinner tonight I was on the low end of normal without medication. What made the big difference is cutting out all sugars. Yup even fruit for the time being. I will slowly introduce them back in and monitor my glucose levels and hopefully be able to get off the medication all together within the next 3 months.  I went back to the doctor yesterday and she suggested starting a double dose of the medication. I refused as I believe I can handle this with diet and exercise. She just said we will see if I need it after my next blood test in 2.5 months.

The lesson I learned from this is never to blindly take medication that a doctor prescribes you without first checking to see the side effects of using it, and going off of it. Had I known from the start I would have refused to take Cymbalta in the first place.  When she prescribed the medication for managing my blood sugars I researched the effects very closely before taking it. We have come to trust and believe the doctor knows best, but sometimes they don’t. My doctor was not even aware of the side effects of going off Cymbalta or the ones while using it. Seems they blindly prescribe what the big pharmaceutical say they should and don’t really know what they are handing out. Now with that being said, some doctors may be different and may even be proactive with helping people in a safer way.

Remember that Doctors are human too and are not all knowing. It is your health so you need to do your research and with the help of a doctor decide what is best for you. I would love to hear if you have has a similar experience.

When I get the diet figured out and balanced I will share my meal plans with you. Oh and I have lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks too. Yahoo!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I am back to renovating Gerdie. (my RV) She is getting some fresh paint this weekend.


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