My Nest is becoming empty!



We are coming up to the holiday season fast and I have always had at least one of my 3 children living with me. This year marks the change. Now some changes are good and even though this will be a rough holiday season there are good things happening.

Firstly, I am finally having my hip replacement on December 15th so even though I will be in pain it will be done and over with so I can start the new year fresh. As I won’t be very mobile there will not be much Christmas celebrating going on at my house and my children will each be doing their own things. I see a frozen dinner coming on for me. I think they even make turkey dinners. LOL, not sure as I don’t usually partake in frozen dinners.

Secondly, my middle son has been living with me but is finally entering rehab to deal with his alcoholism. Whoohoo!!! He will be there for 3 months so will be facing his own lonely Christmas season. I won’t be able to see him due to my surgery but hopefully we can talk on the phone.

Thirdly, my eldest will be spending his Christmas with his in-laws for the first time.  I hope he has an amazing time. December 26th marks their 1st year of dating. They are an amazing couple with a full future ahead of them. Hoping for a Grandchild sometime in the near future. Wink! Wink!

Finally, comes my daughter. She wanted me to come to her for Christmas as she has a tight work schedule and can’t afford to take time off. Being as I will barely be out of the hospital there is no way that I can travel the almost 5 hours to her place let alone climb the 3 stories to her apartment. This will be her first Christmas alone and I feel bad for her. It is her favorite holiday.  We had a full night of crying on the phone when we realized that it just wouldn’t be possible.

I on the other-hand will have Bijou and Tucker, my loving dogs that will be with me for the holidays. Seems even with my surgery I will be better off than 2 of my children. It is really hard to finally reach the empty nest at the holiday season and yet not be able to celebrate it with my family. We live in a time where everyone lives so far apart and that it makes getting together for the holidays even harder. In truth, I had planned on being in Belize for Christmas this year but neither finances nor my hip would allow it.

On the bright side of things I will be starting the new year with a fresh start. Working on my downsizing and getting ready to live the mobile life. I hate winter but at least this year I will be working towards being on the road come spring.  My house may be empty over the holidays and, for the foreseeable future but it was a long time in coming. I know this is hard for my children and as a mother I wish there was something I could do about it. There will be no tree, no Christmas dinner and no presents to unwrap Christmas morning. On a side note, there will be no cooking, cleaning and entertaining to do.  So not all bad.

As a woman looking to take off and travel the America’s it is just one holiday alone with many yet to come. The adventure is worth it to me. I was a single parent for most of my children’s lives and I have been looking forward to spending some peaceful time alone. Is that selfish? I think not. I believe that we all have to reach a time in our life when we do what we enjoy and not what we are expected to do.  I have finally reached the point in my life where my children do not NEED me and I am celebrating Me!

What are your holiday plans?


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