In Pursuit of Happiness



What is happiness anyway? Money and things make you happy for a moment but that quickly passes. Then what? Then you have to get quiet and think. What would make you happy. I am not talking a quick fix but a lifelong change that will change who I am at a core level.

To start this I did some meditation on it and the first thing that I realized is that I have to Choose to be happy. I have to get rid of all negative thinking and behaviors. Now getting rid of negative is not good enough, we also need to start with self love and positive thinking. You have all heard the saying turn that frown upside down. Well we literally need to do that with our thoughts. Let’s face it negative things are going to happen and they will trigger us to react negatively as we did in the past. What I have found lately is that I have to think of the positive in each situation. Two negatives do not make a positive and the only real control we have over a negative situation is how we react to it.  I am choosing to give a positive reaction.

If something negative happens then I will find the good in it. For example, I have a landlord that has been harassing me over every little thing and keeps insisting on house inspection after house inspection. At first I got defensive. It was my immediate reaction. There is nothing wrong with my house and it felt like an evasion of privacy. Is what he doing right or even legal, No! You see he wants me to move out but can’t find a reason to evict me so he keeps searching. What I did do is stop reacting and start acting. I looked for what could be good about the situation. I realized that the good part is that I am getting my house in order. I was working on becoming a minimalist anyway so this is just pushing me to do it all sooner and get rid of all the stuff I don’t need in my life. Would I have been so proactive had he not insisted on inspections every two weeks? Not likely.  I probably would have procrastinated and then been in a mad rush to get rid of stuff right before moving full time into my RV. I also stopped reacting to his negativity and harassment by taking action. I learned my rights as a tenant and booked an appointment with a legal clinic to discuss the issue. You see I don’t have to give him the satisfaction of letting him ruffle my feathers so to speak. I took control in a positive and safe way. Instead of arguing with him and getting angry or stressed I thought positively and did what I needed to do without engaging in a pissing match with him.  I am sure he is not happy that I am ignoring him but he has to deal with his own happiness.

I know that I have only a few months left as his tenant so I actually have peace. The other thing I do is meditate with positive affirmations every day when I wake up and again before going to sleep. In this I start my day on a happy note and end it on a happy note. Whatever happens in between is left behind.  The morning mediation sets the stage for my day and the one before bed allows me a more peaceful sleep.

I also practice being positive outwardly. Have you ever been in a line up at the grocery store and the clerk is obviously not having a good day and is not very pleasant? Try complimenting the clerk or even just wishing them a good day. In this you are pushing your happiness out into the universe. Not only will you make that clerks day you will have positive vibes coming your way. What you put out there you get back. If you put out positive energy you get positive energy back.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think before you let something cause you to become negative. Ask yourself: Will this affect my life in the long term? Is it important to my health and well being? How can I turn this situation into something positive? Most importantly, count to 10 before allowing yourself to respond negatively.  The vibes you project out into the universe come back to you. Send out positive, loving and caring vibes.  You control your own destiny and you get what you create. Think about that before sending out anything negative into the universe.

Claim your happiness and create good vibes. Claim what you want and expect it. When you are in a positive frame of mind you will attract positive vibes back. Will we get angry and send out negative vibes? Hell yes! What we can do is to try and send out so much positive that when we do send a negative vibe is gets lost. Smile as often as possible. A smile is contagious.

How will you pursue your happiness?


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