Inner Peace

In my last post I talked about finding happiness but I was still missing something important. Inner Peace! I read the above quote from the Dalai Lama earlier today and it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I immediately felt at peace and understood what I was missing in becoming truly happy.

As I mentioned my landlord has been trying to find a reason to evict me and it seems that if he gives me enough notices he has a reason to do so. (All this because I requested some necessary repairs to the house) Last August I asked my new landlord if I could park my RV in the yard while I renovated it and got it ready for the road in the late spring. He was all for it and said sure. Seems he has run out of things to harass me about so his latest notice is to move the RV in 7 Days or he will have it towed and impounded until I pay him a trumped of fine of 3500.00 to cover his cost of removing it.  For the last week I have been stressing over this. I have been unemployed since April waiting for my surgery and don’t have the money for storage fees on the RV.  I also left it all winter without starting it as my plan was to get a new battery and inspection come spring.  So now it doesn’t start and I would have to have it towed. My fault totally but I never envisioned that I would need to move it mid winter.  (By the way  he has never addressed the house repairs)

Anyway, Long story short I do not have the finances to store it elsewhere or get a safety on it now. With all the harassment from my landlord I have been reduced to a level of anxiety that now any contact from him causes my PTSD to flair up.  Talk about non functional, that has been me for the last month other than the moments of meditation. The last week has been the worst.  He is not just threatening to evict me from my rental house but now he is threatening to take away my future home.

I tried everything I could to find a place to move it and get a safety. I even made arrangements of a sort. (Won’t work if I can’t start it.) I have been living with a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) flair up for a week now. That is until I was doing some research on the computer and happened upon a quote from the fabulous Dalai Lama.  I immediately felt relief from the anxiety and understood that what I have been missing was my Inner Peace. I had allowed my landlord control over my inner peace. I have to thank the Universe for pointing this out to me.

I immediately asked myself if it was worth it and the answer was NO! Yes, I will lose my RV and be evicted but in the end it is just stuff. I will lose the money I invested in the RV and have to find someplace else to live or become homeless but I will not allow him to control my inner peace and happiness. It is a set back as I will have to find a new RV when I am ready to start my travels but the good news is I will have nothing. A true minimalist. I will have a few clothes, my dogs and my computer. I will be freer than I have ever been.  I will have a few weeks while he goes through the process of evicting me to get rid of everything.  A huge purge. The last purge before my life begins on the road come late spring.

I am a big believer in all things happen for a reason so even though the reason is not clear to me at this time does not mean there is no reason. Once I am gone from here and wherever I end up I will have my Inner Peace back from him. He will never again be allowed control over it.

If you have someone or something that has control over your inner peace please take my advise and snatch it back right now!!! There is nothing in this world of things that is worth sacrificing your inner peace for.  I never realized how important it was until I found it again. I would rather be homeless than give it up again. Without it you cannot ever find true happiness.

Wishing you all Inner Peace. May you all become Unfuckwithable. (see above for description)



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